VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK

Barcode Reader and Barcode Generator for .NET Framework, .NET Core, WPF, ASP.NET and Xamarin.Android

Barcodes have become an ubiquitous element of modern civilization and are widely used by stores and warehouses, in healthcare, to facilitate the separation and indexing of documents, to keep track of objects and people, and in other areas.

VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK is the professional 1D & 2D barcode reader and barcode generator library for .NET Framework, .NET Core, WPF, WEB and Xamarin.Android.

Licensing for VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK is very flexible. It can be licensed in few editions according to supported OS, functionality and barcode symbology. More info about editions read here.

General features

Supported barcode types:

  • Code 11 (Code11, USD-8, USD8)
  • Code 39 (Alpha39, Code 3 of 9, Type 39, USS Code 39, USD-3)
    • Code 39 Extended
    • Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode, Codice 32 Pharmacode)
    • Code 39 without Start/Stop symbols
    • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
    • PZN (Pharmazentralnummer)
    • DHL AWB (DHL Code 39 AWB)
    • Numly Number
    • HIBC LIC 39 (HIBCC Labeler Identification Code)
  • Code 93 (USS Code 93, USS-93)
  • Codabar (Code 2 of 7, NW-7)
  • Code 128 (ANSI/AIM Code 128, USS Code 128)
    • GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128, EAN-128)
    • SSCC-18
    • FedEx Ground96
    • Swiss PostParcel
    • ISBT 128
    • HIBC LIC 128 (HIBCC Labeler Identification Code)
  • EAN-8, EAN-8 +2, EAN-8 +5, JAN-8, EAN-Velocity
  • EAN-13, EAN-13 +2, EAN-13 +5, JAN-13, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN
  • UPC-A, UPC-A +2, UPC-A +5
  • UPC-E, UPC-E +2, UPC-E +5
  • Standard 2 of 5 (Industrial 2 of 5, Code 2/5)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (ANSI/AIM ITF 25, ITF, I-2/5)
    • ITF-14
    • OPC (Optical Product Code)
    • Deutsche Post Identcode
    • Deutsche Post Leitcode
  • IATA 2 of 5 (2/5 IATA)
  • Matrix 2 of 5 (2/5 Matrix)
  • Telepen
  • Patch Code (Kodak Patch Code)
  • RSS-14, GS1 DataBar
  • RSS Limited, GS1 DataBar Limited
  • RSS Expanded, GS1 DataBar Expanded
  • Pharmacode (Laetus Pharmacode)
  • MSI (MSI/Plessey, Modified Plessey)
  • Code 16K (USS-16K)
  • RSS-14 Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked
  • RSS Expanded Stacked, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
  • Australian Post (Australia Post Customer Barcode)
  • Dutch KIX (Royal TPG Post KIX)
  • Royal Mail (RM4SCC, RoyalMail4SCC, Singapore 4-State Postal)
  • Postnet (USPS POSTNET)
  • Planet (USPS PLANET, USPS Confirm Service Barcode)
  • Intelligent Mail
  • Mailmark 4-state barcode C (Royal Mail Mailmark 4-state barcode C)
  • Mailmark 4-state barcode L (Royal Mail Mailmark 4-state barcode L)
  • Aztec, Aztec Compact, Aztec Rune
    • GS1 Aztec
    • XFA Compressed Aztec
    • HIBC LIC Aztec Code (HIBCC Labeler Identification Code)
  • Data Matrix
    • GS1 Data Matrix
    • PPN (IFA PPN-Code, Pharmacy Product Number)
    • Royal Mail Mailmark CMDM Type7, Type9, Type29
    • XFA Compressed DataMatrix
    • ISBT 128 Data Matrix
    • HIBC LIC Data Matrix (HIBCC Labeler Identification Code)
  • DotCode
    • GS1 DotCode
  • Han Xin Code (Chinese Sensible Code)
  • PDF417, PDF417 Compact, Macro PDF417
    • AAMVA (DL/ID Card Design Standard)
    • XFA Compressed PDF417
  • Micro PDF417
  • QR Code (Model 1, Model 2)
    • GS1 QR Code
    • XFA Compressed QR Code
    • HIBC LIC QR Code (HIBCC Labeler Identification Code)
    • Swiss QR Code
  • Micro QR Code
  • MaxiCode
  • GS1-128 CC-A, GS1-128 CC-B, GS1-128 CC-C
  • GS1 DataBar CC-A, GS1 DataBarCC-B
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded CC-A, GS1 DataBar Expanded CC-B
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked CC-A, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked CC-B
  • GS1 DataBar Limited CC-A, GS1 DataBar Limited CC-B
  • GS1 DataBar Stacked CC-A, GS1 DataBar Stacked CC-B
  • EAN-13 CC-A, EAN-13 CC-B
  • EAN-8 CC-A, EAN-8 CC-B

Development and Deployment requirements

Development requirements:
  • Development environments: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
  • Programming languages: VB.NET, C#, any .NET compatible language
  • Development platforms: .NET, WPF, ASP.NET, Xamarin.Android
Deployment requirements:
  • .NET Framework 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP; Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003)
  • .NET 5, .NET Core 3.1 (Windows 10/8.1/8/7; Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008; macOS 10+; CentOS 8/7; Debian 10/9; Fedora 32/31/30/29; Ubuntu 20/19/18/16)
  • Xamarin Android API level 21 (Android 5.0 or higher)

Free Evaluation Version

The evaluation version allows you to test the VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK features for free during 30 days trial period and determine if the SDK functionality suits your needs in practice.
Also the evaluation version has some functional restrictions. You have to acquire a license if you want to use the SDK without evaluation restrictions.

Download Evaluation Version

Demo applications

The SDK comes with demo applications for .NET Framework (console, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, Windows service), .NET Core (console, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Core) and Xamarin.Android, which demonstrate the general SDK features. The demo applications simplify the process of SDK functionality evaluation allowing quickly determine whether it suits your specific requirements.

Each demo application comes as source code example written in C# or VB.NET for use in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010.

You have to download and install the SDK evaluation version to your computer if you want to run and test our demo applications.

Existing license holders can use the source code examples of demo applications as templates for their own applications.

On-line and mobile demo applications

If your goal is to develop an ASP.NET or Xamarin.Android application and you want to make a quick review of the SDK functionality without installing it to your computer, you can do the test using our on-line Web demo and Android demo applications.

Barcode Reader/Writer Demo


The SDK is delivered with detailed technical documentation file for each edition, which includes User Guide, .NET API Reference, Web API Reference (JavaScript, TypeScript and web services) and Xamarin.Android API Reference.
The documentation is designed for persons having at least basic knowledges and skills in programming of software applications.

The list of general release notes showing the SDK development history is available here: History

The documentation files for off-line use can be downloaded from below links:
.NET    Web    Xamarin

Online doc for .NET    Online doc for Web    Online doc for Xamarin

The information about all available support resources can found on our Support page.

The SDK has also a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them: F.A.Q. page.

VintaSoft products discussions in the Community Forums provide a convenient place for programmers to exchange information. Please search or post your technical questions there. VintaSoft's Customer Support Service monitors forums every workday.

Сontact us if you are unable to find necessary answer or solution in the presented support resources and technical documentation or if you want us to show you how VintaSoft products can help to fulfil your specific requirements.

SDK Licensing

Purchase a license

VintaSoft licensing is very flexible and allows the development of applications for both royalty free distribution and for deployment to a local server machine.

For using the VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK in production is necessary to choose and acquire the right license for your application from a few offered types.

Developer licenses are intended for use by a named developer. Site licenses allow to use the SDK by a group of developers working at the same office.

The licenses for Desktop PCs allow to use the SDK in your applications and distribute them royalty free to any desktop computer.

The licenses for Servers allow to use the SDK in your applications and distribute them royalty free to servers.

Single Server license is issued for an invariable network configuration of dedicated server machine.

Single Application license is bounded with an invariable name of your application and is available for use under OS Linux, MacOS or Android.

All you need to know about the licensing of VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK you can read in the License agreement.


All testimonials
First of all, let me compliment you on your Barcode .NET SDK. We evaluated a number of products to use in our application, and yours was our favorite.

Dan Konigsberg
CampMinder, LLC
We choosed your software because of the good cost and performance ratio, especially for a combination of barcode reader & writer in 1D as well as 2D. In addition it's your feature to scan multiple barcodes on one page very useful for one of our projects. And the best of it, it is also very fast!

Thomas Götzinger
Business Data Solutions GmbH
Thanks for your VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK update. The recognition quality and performance is very impressive. Now we're thinking about to replace our current barcode library with your engine for all developers.

Matthias Richter
Gradient Systemintegration GmbH
By the way, I really appreciate the great support you provide. You are in a different time zone, so the response is almost always next morning for us, but I can always count on getting that response in the morning without fail. Much appreciated!

Steven Leberman
Hunter Warfield